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Three of London's most coveted warehouse to office conversions

With the demand for office space in Central London at an all-time high, developers can no longer simply look to purchase plots of land for real estate.

Instead, we’re seeing a trend where opportunistic property developers seek success in the form of old industrial factories and warehouse spaces.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits, converting an industrial building or warehouse to a working space could provide you with a unique space in which to do business.

We’ll take you through some of London’s most coveted conversions and try to showcase just how much can be done with the many industrial buildings for rent in London.

St Katharine Docks

One of the capital’s most successful examples of industrial conversions into office space is St Katharine Docks.

Formerly one of London’s busiest commercial ports, St Katharine Docks underwent an extensive multi-million-pound redevelopment, with many of its abandoned industrial spaces being converted to warehouse-style offices.

Today, it’s one of the most stylish and sought-after locations around, blending a vibrant entrepreneurial culture with the traditional environment of the docklands.


90 Main Yard

90 Main Yard, a collection of open plan co-working spaces and office shares, is leading the trend towards renovating the old warehouses for sale in London.

Situated within Hackney Wick, this former dye cutting factory is one of the best examples of a commercial building conversion done right, providing creatives and start-ups with an affordable and collaborative working environment within an enormous industrial space.

Battersea Power Station

Apple’s “new London campus” is set to be based in Battersea Power Station, a formerly derelict space in a central location overlooking the River Thames.

Harry Murphy, Associate Director, London Unlimited, JLL, said: “at a macro level these buildings can be at the forefront of regenerating entire areas by bring employment and life back into the community on a daily basis.

“You can’t build character or history and ultimately these are the sought after characteristics which design, tech and creative agencies seek.”

The juxtaposition of Apple’s clean design aesthetic with the power station’s romantic industrial architecture, sleek screens against coarse iron, encapsulates why so many businesses are looking for industrial space to rent in London.

They provide a tangible connection to the past; a consistent reminder of a past London that may be forgotten in an increasingly globalised and transient economy, all the while creating an inimitable workspace environment.