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The dos and don'ts: corporate occupiers in serviced offices

The dos and donts for Corporate Occupiers when acquiring serviced office space. Find out more about what to do and what not to do when looking for serviced offices, ensuring you find the best option to suit your needs. 


  1. Benchmark all credible serviced office options to ensure you receive the best value for money in each market.
  2. Review contracts extensively to confirm that notice periods and break dates are fully understood. 
  3. Ask the service provider for the 'hidden costs' in the form of setup fees, exit fees and even paying for tea and coffee. 
  4. Look for serviced office space if moving to an emerging market. It will allow for ultimate flexibility and the capacity to grow, downsize and move with your market. 
  5. Use a serviced office if you have multiple global locations with fewer than 20 employees, you will benefit from cost-saving opportunities. 
  6. Use serviced office space for both your short term and long term property strategy. You can benefit from cost transparency, flexibility and it allows your business to to move fluidly in line with market conditions. 


  1. Only look at larger serviced office operators, regardless of existing contracts already in place. Make sure you review all credible options to guarantee the best value. 
  2. Negotiate directly, use the JLL team. We know and understand the serviced office business which can enable you to receive 'best' in class' rates and pricing. 
  3. Commit to a contract for longer than necessary. Serviced office contracts automatically renew so ensure you are familiar with the relevant notice period required. 
  4. Delay your decision. Once an office is viewed and of interest look to agree terms and secure. The serviced office market works on a fast turn around and you run the risk of losing the space. 
  5. Approach the providers directly. Allow JLL to introduce and assist you as this will ensure all parties are protected.