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Benefits of large companies using serviced office space

Our JLL Serviced Office team highlight the ways large companies can benefit from using serviced office space. 

1. Tech comes first

Serviced offices provide high quality, flexible workspace, driven by technology. Companies benefit from offering their staff a more mobile working environment, enabling them to be more agile for their clients.

2. People are your strongest asset

Attract the best talent for your company by offering facilities that provide employees with a lifestyle, not just a workplace.

3. Try hot-desking

An adaptable working environment enables people to sit in different places and can save on overhead costs. By moving around, employees can interact across departments, facilitating the flow of ideas and encouraging synergies with areas you may not otherwise have communicated with.

4. Be part of the idea buzz

Start-ups benefit from sharing space (and ideas) with other creative people. Networking in such an environment can introduce you to innovative approaches to business and new ways of working.

5. Encourage cross-selling

Increased collaboration with other firms could offer you better services and open up new opportunities and business leads, strengthening your position in the market place.

6. Get Moving

Hoteling is an increasingly popular trend that has come over from the US. Similar to hot-desking but on a reservation basis, hoteling can encourage employees to be out meeting clients whilst guaranteeing them a touchdown place to work.#]

7. Avoid 'dead space'

Tech firms are agile. The space they have expands and contracts with the firm and their employee working style. Fewer fixed real estate assets means less liability, smaller leases and reduced costs that can be reinvested into other aspects of the company.

8. Recognise flexible working hours

For many of us, the 9-5 office day is all but over and companies are becoming increasingly mobile. Flexible space where colleagues can connect at any time of the day can enable 24 hour working, empowering employees and increasing productivity.

9. Grab the talent

Employees are increasingly looking to the ‘up and coming’ London districts as the place to work and socialise. By piloting satellite hubs in these areas you can take
the office to them and increase your access
to new talent.

10. Upscale at any time

Serviced offices provide you with the ability to upscale and downsize at any time. If business becomes popular in a particular area you and your staff are able to quickly respond to the demand for expansion.